Code Corrections

Fix Electric Code Violations that are Safety Hazards & Costing You Money

It's a common scenario. You're ready to sell or rent your house when you learn there are electrical code violations. With these fire risks, there's no way you can validate your asking price or rent out your property. While it's frustrating to find out there are electrical safety hazards in your home, you need to fix them if you plan on selling your house for a decent price or having tenants. You need a licensed electrician to perform code corrections that improve your sales prospects and allows you to have renters.

One Builder specializes in residential code corrections. We will send a licensed electrician to your home in Test Loc 1, Test Loc 2, Test Loc 3, or a surrounding area to repair or install the updates you need.

We correct code violations and electrical fire risks, including:

Buried splice boxes

Clotheslines wires

Damaged electrical wire

Fixtures wired backwards

Mixing line & low-voltage wiring

Overcrowded electrical boxes

Punctured electrical wire

Incorrect placement of smoke detectors

Recessed light placement

Switches without a neutral wire

Outlets without ground-fault protection located near water

If your house is out of code and you need a licensed electrician near you to perform repairs, contact One Builder.