Home Burglar Alarm Installation

Install a Home Burglar Alarm & Secure Your Peace of Mind

When you have a home burglar alarm system installed, you can:

  • Go on vacation without worrying about who will notice
  • Sleep sound at night knowing those creaks in the basement are just that
  • Display your valuables at home with pride
  • Deter criminals before they try to break into your home`

Installing burglar alarm systems with outside cameras is also a great way to deter vandals who might vandalize your property for a night of fun.

Ward Off Thieves & Mischief Makers Before They Take What’s Yours

In a perfect world, no one would bother you or your family. Unfortunately, home burglaries aren’t uncommon. The FBI released a crime statistic report that shows alarming numbers. In 2018, victims of property crimes in the United States lost an estimated total of $16.4 billion. This number doesn’t include fires, but it does include a a lot of frustration, anger, and sorrow.

One positive? The number of property crimes is down from the previous year. In fact, it’s been on the decline for over 30 years.

One contributor? Burglar alarm systems.

Schedule Your Burglar Alarm Installation

One Builder specializes in burglar alarm installation for Test Loc 1, Test Loc 2, Test Loc 3, and surrounding areas. Since you’re paying for this residential security system, you need to make sure it’s installed right (otherwise, what’s the point?). One Builder has the right combination of knowledge and hands-on experience to install your burglar alarm.

Scare off the intruders who would scare you.